A little history

One day we were sitting together having some beers and philosophizing about the great things in life. Two of those things we all had in common were road trips and escape rooms. And that same evening, the idea for the Wacky Wheels was born: the best of those two worlds!

Mystery Games

Since we wanted to offer more people a chance to experience what Wacky Wheels is like, we added the Mystery Story Puzzle Games. In a way it’s similar to the big road trip event, except for the road trip part of course. You will get your personal booklet in which you – alone or with friends – find yourself in a mysterious place full of secrets. You will have to puzzle your way through the story to unravel it, just like in an escape room or the Wacky Wheels event. In the end, you will make some unexpected discoveries! And be aware, it may look like a fictional story, but it might be closer to the truth than you think…

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