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12-14 September 2024
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Alternative for Banger Rallies

Escape-room like puzzles

Do you also like other rallies such as Carbage Run, Bust Rallies, Two Ball Banger Rally, Funball Rally or The Banger Rally Challenge? You name it, there are many of them, however all quite similar. Wacky Wheels is different and adds an extra challenge: you have to discover the route yourself by solving escape-room-like puzzles and finding clues.

Compete against other teams

Your team isn’t only challenged to discover where you are going, you are in competition with many other teams! For every puzzle solved and clue found, you get points and a place on the rankings, which on the last day results in a winner who goes home with the title “Wacky Wheels master”.

Every car or motorcycle is welcome

We don’t care what you drive. A barrel filled with stickers is just as welcome as your lease car, camper van, motorcycle or that carefully maintained old-timer from dad.

Sounds good, right?

Oh, and unlike these Banger Rallies, we don’t care what you drive. Bring a piece of decorated junk if you like, but lease cars, camper vans, motorbikes or daddy’s precious oldtimer are all just as welcome to participate in Wacky Wheels! Sounds fun? Check our website for more information or register just now.

Drive, think
eat, repeat

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