Road trips: Trollstigen, Norway

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Also known as the Troll’s Path, Trollstigen, the road 63, is a part of the Norwegian Scenic Route: Geiranger – Trollstigen. According to the Norwegian folk legend the trolls come out every night and roam through the mountains and change back to stones when they are hit by the morning sunlight. Their stone bodies create the mass of cliffs that is breathtaking for the visitors.


With 11 tight hairpin bends, cascading waterfalls and mesmerizing views Trollstigen is a ride you’ll never forget! The road was designed to blend with the surroundings. Some places are cut into the mountain and others are built on top of stone walls. An impressive bridge in natural stone leads over the Stigfossen waterfall.


Make sure to reserve some time for a visit to the viewpoint at the top to take in the full beauty of the entire road and Isterdalen Valley.


  • Length: 12.2km
  • Duration: 2 – 3h including sightseeing stops
  • Hairpin bends: 11
  • Tip: Summer is the best time to drive, the route is closed from late autumn through winter
  • More info:  visitnorway.com

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