Escape room: Steampunk

Escape Room Steampunk

The closer the first WackyWheels edition gets, the more there is to do. Administration, buying goodies for during the event, defining fair points per puzzle, adjusting the puzzles based on test findings and even already thinking ahead for the spring edition. But we love every second we put into it to make this first edition a success. And to make these meetings even more fun, we tend to combine them with escape rooms.


This time we had chosen Steampunk, one of the escape rooms of My Escape Club in Amsterdam. And since we tend to combine every meeting with a new escape room, we kind of start to get a bit experienced and we can say we really loved this one! The room is built with a lot of technical ingenuity which really adds to the experience. The other aspect we liked about this one is that all four of us were constantly busy. There was so much to discover that we hardly ever had to wait for another to continue.


And we dare to put our time here online: 65 minutes without hints. Can you beat us?

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