Escape Room tips and tricks

Breaking out from an escape room is an exciting and fun experience! However, sometimes it can be hard to find and connect the right clues together. To prevent you from ever getting stuck again, Wacky Wheels has you covered with some simple to follow tips and tactics on how to efficiently escape!


1. Play as a team – remember to work together. That does not mean you should all focus on the same puzzle (by all means do not do that and spread out), but make sure to cooperate. If you are stuck, involve a team member or switch. When you find something, articulate out loud what it is and what could be the use of it. Listen to the others and try out even the most crazy sounding ideas..


2. Search the room thoroughly – work fast and make sure to cover every corner. Look in all the drawers, behind paintings and doors, in secret compartments or even the ceiling! Keep in mind, sometimes the clues are not visible at a first glance and in order to obtain a clue a few pieces need to be combined together. Don’t take anything for granted and keep an open mind!


3. Manage the found items – make sure to carry everything that was not used with you to the next rooms. Sometimes a key found in the first room opens a lock found at the end. Once something is used, leave it behind.
It’s also good to stack all the found objects together in a central place of the room, where all he team mates can see it.


4. Keep track of the time – ‘time flies by’ as they say and especially in an escape room it is easy to lose track of time. Make sure to check the clock from time to time or ever better, wear a wrist watch (in some rooms it’s forbidden).
This will help you determine on what to focus and whether it’s a good time to ask for a clue.


5. Think like a writer – when you get stuck and have no clue how to proceed, try to think like a storyteller. Think of the plot and where it’s leading you. Try to look at the broader picture on how the narrative is connected with the clues and what you found so far. If you are really really stuck, then don’t be afraid to ask for clues!


6. Follow the rules – don’t use extensive force, don’t play drunk and don’t discourage others, by shouting or rushing them. Don’t spoil the fun and follow the game master’s instructions.


7. Have fun – immerse yourself into the story and get excited about solving the mystery. Keep a positive attitude and encourage others when needed. All in all it’s a game designed to have fun, so no matter the result, just enjoy it!


Hope this will come in handy during your next attempt to escape a room. Surprisingly, same tips apply during the Wacky Wheels. Although we would add to also enjoy the view and the new places you discover!

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