How’s Wacky Wheels road trip different from other rallies?

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Nowadays there are many adventure road trip rallies to choose from, like Carbage Run, The Barrel Challenge, Budapest Rally…

Undie500, De Rammelbakken Reis, Ramble Rally, Rust ‘N Dust rally, The Crumball Rally, Scrapmetal Rally, Crazy Car Run, you name them.

All are great experiences in their own regard, but with the Wacky Wheels escape road trip we decided to bring it to a next level.

Instead of giving you a route and some challenges, during the Wacky Wheels road trip you get to discover the way yourself. By solving puzzles and finding clues that lead you to the next location. It’s a true adventure into the unknown! Or well… you will know the end location for each day of the trip, but discovering all the unique places along the way is fully up to you and your team.

On top of that you’ll get to meet and compete against dozens of other teams! Every puzzle solved and clue found gives you points and a spot on the leader board. On the final, third day of the road trip, the winners of the whole rally will be announced.

Wacky Wheels Road Trip participants

Unlike the Carbage Run and all the other rallies, we don’t care what you drive. Bring a piece of decorated junk if you like, but lease cars, camper vans, motorbikes, or daddy’s precious old-timer are all just as welcome to participate!

If you want to read in more detail about the Wacky Wheels road trip, you can check our blog post, where we describe a day in the road trip. Otherwise, if you are ready for your next adventure, gather your team and sign up!

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