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The hardest thing about explaining what the Wacky Wheels mystery escape road trip is all about, is that we can’t compare it to anything else, since nothing similar exists in the world yet (as far as we know). To give you an impression of what you can expect, we decided to let you experience 1 day in a Wacky Wheels road trip in this blog.

Buckle up and let’s go for a ride!


After you sign up for a road trip, you receive a confirmation mail with some general info. But about a month before the start, it’s really time to begin your preparations after you receive an info mail with some essential tips and an introduction to the mysterious story you will try to unravel during the game.

Arriving at the starting location

It’s all up to you how and in what vehicle you get to the starting point. As long as you make sure to be there within the given timeframe (usually between 8 and 10am). Some participants choose to already find an accommodation nearby so they are sure to make it on time. If you do so, don’t be surprised to already meet some other escape room enthusiasts who made the same choice!

Once you get to the starting point, you’ll be welcomed by the Wacky Wheels crew. They will point out some formalities like checking if everything is clear, your sign up details are correct and signing the terms & conditions. After that, you’ll be guided to a mysterious person who introduces you to the story and hands over several items that can help you find your way.

The first puzzle

Lost Cure selection of puzzlesOf course, we are not going to reveal what the actual puzzles are. But to give you an idea: many are similar to what you can expect in an escape
room. Sometimes there’s a logic puzzle, sometimes a cipher, sometimes you just have to look for something and sometimes you have to think completely

out of the box and use your hands, Google, (basic) tools and your imagination.

The main difference with an escape room is that a Wacky Wheels road trip takes 3 days instead of 1 to 1.5 hours. So there are many more puzzles and you’ll be drawn deeper into the theme and the story. The answer to a puzzle sometimes reveals a location that you need to visit and sometimes it reveals a bit of the mystery you’re trying to solve.

The (optional) competition element

Every participating team is different and while some will do anything to win the game, others take it easy and just have a fun time. No matter in which category you belong, you’re sure to see some great sceneries and discover interesting places. And for the competitive participants: it’s important to know that you don’t win by being the fastest. There’s no need to break the traffic rules as you don’t get points for being fast, only for solving the most puzzles correctly.

For submitting answers and requesting hints when needed, every team gets their personal, online dashboard. So a smartphone with internet access and a full battery is required! When you submit an answer, you usually get an instant confirmation whether it’s correct or not. After that, you either receive new information or you continue puzzling with what you already have in order to find out more of the story and the secrets you’re about the uncover.

Discover your route

Long before the whole road trip game starts, you already know where each day will start and finish. This is to make sure that everybody reaches the finish on time and so that you can book your accommodation. So the fun is not about discovering the final location, but about the route you take to get there!

Road trip viewsOn an average day, you’ll be driving around 300 kilometers, mostly on scenic routes and avoiding the highway. When you discover a new location by solving a puzzle, you know where to go next, but how you get there is up to you. There’s no marked route, so if you want to make a little detour for a nice cup of coffee or lunch, that’s all perfectly fine!

Every day, you’ll be visiting around 3 or 4 locations before reaching the finish. We encourage every team to be there before 7pm so that we have a chance to get together for a fun evening.

Evening activities

In the evening, many participants come together for some drinks, food and sharing the day’s experiences. This is also a perfect opportunity to
get to know other escape game and road trip enthusiasts! Although the evening program isn’t always the same for every edition, it’s usually something like a BBQ, a board game night and a final celebration (and revelation!) at the very end on day 3.

The evening program is always optional, so if you’re exhausted after a day of puzzling and driving, you are free to go your own way and take a good rest.

Getting ready for the next days

After sharing your experiences, discussing puzzles, checking your ranking and having food, fun and drinks, it’s time to head to your accommodation and get some good sleep. The next day, just like the first, requires you to be at the day 2 starting location on time (usually between 8 and 10am).

It’s going to be another day of puzzles, discoveries and getting closer to cracking the mysterious case and finding out the truth!

And then, on day 3, you will get to the ultimate climax of the game. The scoreboard will be hidden for all teams and it’s your last chance to get extra points and solve the mystery! At the end of day 3, everybody gets together to reveal the winners and celebrate a (hopefully) successful quest!

Convinced? Get your team together and

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