A mysterious letter

The Lost Cure

Your doorbell rings. You open the door and see a mysterious figure with deep, dark eyes staring at you. The figure reaches deep inside his pockets and for a heartbeat you fear a knife to appear. However, as you brace for defense, you see that it is a sealed letter instead. Without saying a single word, the figure hands over the letter, turns around and disappears, leaving you behind in utter confusion.
Back inside, you sit down and open the seal to read the letter. It is handwritten and leaves you even more puzzled than you already were. The only thing that makes sense to you, is that your skill at solving puzzles and facing mysterious challenges hasn’t gone by unnoticed and that you are requested in Eindhoven on the 19th of September. The letter speaks of a danger far beyond your comprehension and that only your very presence can avoid a terrible disaster from striking the world.
Do you have what it takes to save the world? Do you dare answering the call of this mysterious figure? Then sign up and come to Eindhoven on the 19th of September!

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