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2021 review

Year ends call for reviews and summaries. When we started back in 2019 with the mystery road trip we did not intend to create more escape games. Fast forward 3 years ahead and we have 6 mystery escape games, a city game in Amsterdam, team games, a board game in the making and a second road trip. Our games were played by over 3000 people! Let’s take a look back at 2021 and some of its highlights.

Escape games at home

In the beginning of the year we made a new addition to the mystery games by creating ‘The Magical Journey’, a game for younger puzzlers, curious to discover the mysteries of the world. Our first game ‘Cottage in the woods’ still remains the most popular one with almost 500 downloads.

Magical Journey cover

City mystery game in Amsterdam

We used the city we live in as our playground and created our very first city mystery game – ‘Tiny Curiosities of Amsterdam’. By solving puzzles you get to discover new locations across the city and learn new fun-facts.

‘The Lost Cure’ road trip

After a few postponements, in 2021 we were finally able to organise the mystery road trip again. A group of 23 brave participants drove for 3 days across Europe following a trail of clues in order to solve the mystery of ‘The Lost Cure’ and retrieve the stolen secret.

Online team events

We made our mystery games available as web-based games so they can be played in teams using screen sharing programs like Zoom, Teams or Skype. So far 618 teams played the online team games!

‘The Longest Night in Bell-Ville’ puzzle book

Our very first physical product launched at the end of November, just in time for Christmas. It’s a perfect holiday gift for any puzzle lover. We shipped the game all over Europe, but also to the USA, Canada and even Singapore!

We thank you for all the support and for playing our games and we’ll see you in 2022 with more mysteries to solve. Stay curious!

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