Escape room: The Curse Amsterdam

In our preparations to create the puzzles for Wacky Wheels, we get inspiration by doing escape rooms now and then. This also is a great excuse to just do them since, apart from getting inspiration, we just love to play them, which was one of the reasons after all for founding Wacky Wheels (the other being our love for roadtrips).


The Curse is a room we can definitely recommend. Part of My Escape Club in Amsterdam, having 4 rooms in total, the theme for this one is symbols. And man, there were many of them everywhere. What we liked especially about this one, is that quite soon the end goal becomes clear, though the way to get there is not obvious. This gave the whole room a very targeted-approach. You know where to find your clue, but you are still struggling how to put it together till it makes sense. Having the three of us (one of us enjoying an Uzbekistan holiday, ok he wins) with all different views and mindsets really helped in solving it together.


Apart from a small hint, which we still debate whether it has helped us or not, we managed to escape in 59 minutes. Who of you dares to pick up the challenge to beat this time and brag about beating the Wacky Wheels organizers at the first BBQ of the September event.


Check their website if you’re interested.


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