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No matter if you’re going on an awesome road trip or there is just a long car drive ahead of you, we’ve got you covered with some entertainment!

Here’s our pick for the best car games to play during your ride:


  1. The name game – pick the topic of your game (animals, places, capital cities etc.). Someone says a word in the chosen category, the next person has to say a word that begins with the last letter of that word. Then the next person picks a word that begins with the last letter of the second person’s choice and so on. No duplicates allowed and they must all be real existing words.
  2. 21 Questions – decide on the game’s category (e.g. famous people.) One person thinks of something, and everyone else has 21 ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to try to guess what it is. The person who guesses the word wins and goes next. If no one figures it out, the person answering has won and goes again.
  3. I spy with my little eye – similar to the ’21 Questions game’, with the difference the object needs to be within sight reach. One person starts with ‘I spy with my little eye…’ and then vaguely describes something they see, like ‘something blue’. The rest takes turns guessing the answer until someone finds the correct word and wins the game.
  4. Guess the song game – whoever can shout out the song playing on the radio first wins! For this game you can also use the custom playlist we created on our Spotify Wacky Wheels account! Make sure to cover the radio screen if it displays the song names.
  5. I’m going on a trip – a game to test your memory! One person starts with the sentence ‘I’m going out on a trip and I’m bringing…’ adding the item that comes to their mind. The next person has to remember that word and add something new. Each time you need to repeat the story from the start. Whoever makes a mistake loses.
  6. Alphabet – take turns going through the alphabet. Each person must say a word of an object within sight starting with the specific alphabet letter.
  7. The rules game – each person in the car gets to make one nonsense rule, like ‘whenever we go through a tunnel everyone needs to bark like a dog’ or ‘when I take a sip of water everyone needs to touch the car roof’. When the rule is enforced, everyone except the last person to catch on gets points. Keep track of the score throughout the whole ride. Whoever has the least points when you get to your destination loses.
  8. Kiss, Marry, Kill – take turns listing 3 people: living, dead or fictional. Everyone has to pick who they would kiss, marry and kill. Don’t make it easy for the others to choose!
  9. Car bingo – come up with a list of car brands or types that everyone will be searching for during the ride. The person to first spot every car of the list wins.
  10. Word association – the first person begins with a word, the next one has to think of a word associated to it. The game goes on until someone messes up or names something far-out. Example: taco salad – Caesar – Rome – empire – TV show.

Next time when you’re getting bored with your travel partner or need to find a way to break the awkward silence just pick a game and play on!

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