The story behind the legendary treasure hunt

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In this third edition of the Wacky Mystery Games subscription, we wanted to make things a little more challenging. Instead of going through the booklet in a straightforward way, we wanted to create that feeling of a true treasure hunt. You are given a wide variety of clues and just a few questions to answer. The rest is up to you to uncover!

With the theme being a treasure hunt – and one that’s rooted in a true story – we are going back to the origins of puzzle hunts. A map, mysterious notes and a captivating story based on true events. Everything we at Wacky Mystery Games stand for comes together (Mystery Story Puzzle Game)!

We thought that after two successful games, our subscribers would be ready for a temporary spike in the difficulty level. But no worries, we don’t intend to keep the level this high at all times. Our aim is to always make a game that’s fun for both the experienced escape gamer as well as someone who’s just entering the exciting world of escape games. By providing games and puzzles of different levels, varying themes and not sticking to a particular type of puzzles, we hope to please all Wacky Mystery Gamers.

Do you know where this treasure can be found?

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