The story behind the man-eating birds of The Puffin Islands

Man-eating birds of The Puffin Islands

For the second edition of the Mystery Games subscription, we’re leaving the known world behind us and find ourselves in the fantasy realms behind the Tales of Asnia. This fantasy world is created by Edwin, who also runs Fantasy Map Shop, and it serves as a setting for various roleplaying adventures, board games, and short stories.

The story of the man-eating birds of The Puffin Islands was initially written as a Dungeons & Dragons adventure, but later adapted to a Mystery Game for Wacky Wheels. While originally, a group of adventurers would travel to the Puffin Islands, fight off the evil, man-eating birds and try to recover a valuable artefact, in the at-home mystery escape game version, you don’t need to fight anything. Instead, you’ll be using your brains to sneak past the birds and discover the whereabouts of the artefact with your wits alone.

In the story, you follow in the footsteps of a famous adventurer called Oghrin. He was the last known person to have set foot on an island called Stymphalia. People say he went looking for an extremely rare and precious artifact, but as with all people traveling to Stymphalia, Oghrin never returned. Of course, that grim prospect doesn’t stop new people from trying. People such as…. you!Man-eating bird


You discover multiple secrets about Oghrin and about the man-eating birds, such as ways to avoid their attention. With various clues, you’ll also be able to find out what this precious artefact actually is, and ultimately, you’ll have to figure out a way to retrieve it from the biggest and meanest bird of them all.

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