Wacky Wheels, a classic arcade game

“Why is your event called Wacky Wheels?” is a question we regularly hear. There seems to be a clear distinction between the generation that remembers playing this very old PC game and the generation that doesn’t. For those who don’t know the game, here’s some explanation:


A long, long time ago there used to be a PC race game called Wacky Wheels. It was nothing fancy and when you would look at it now, it will probably be a graphical horror to your eyes. But back in the days, it was the single most awesome race game available and you could even play it with two players (on the same keyboard)!


In the game Wacky Wheels, you could choose one of the eight characters to race with. These characters were all animals from the zoo, such as a panda bear, a shark or a tiger. Your chosen animal would sit down in a sort of go-kart and you were ready to race one of the several available tracks. During the race, you could gather hedgehogs, bombs or oil which you could use to shoot or hinder your opponents. Beside the normal races, there was even a Wacky Shoot-out: a deathmatch where your single goal was to shoot all your opponents in the arena before they shoot you.


Because we (or at least some of us) had very fond memories of this classic arcade game and because the name resembles what we think that our event stands for (out of the ordinary adventure on wheels), we decided to go for it and made Wacky Wheels our name.


If you remember the arcade game Wacky Wheels and want to give it another try after all these years, or if you don’t know it but want to know what it was to play a game 20+ years ago, it is still possible to play it at https://store.steampowered.com/app/358380/Wacky_Wheels/



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