What is Wacky Wheels?

What is Wacky Wheels

‘So…what is Wacky Wheels?’


We hear this question sometimes…
Of course for the four of us the answer is obvious, since we are the masterminds behind it. However, sometimes it’s easy to forget, that it’s not that obvious for everyone else and referring to it as ‘Escape on Wheels’, no matter how awesome it sounds, is not explanatory enough.


This blog post will try and make up for this and what better way to hear about what Wacky Wheels is, than from the founders themselves!



‘‘For me Wacky Wheels is trying to solve a quest in three days while enjoying a road trip with friends. I love escape rooms, but they end in an hour and have limited space. Now you’re outdoors and traveling between spots and have three full days to solve it.’’



‘‘Wacky Wheels is a road trip surprise that you can unwrap by solving puzzles! The puzzles are in a certain theme, which will lead you to be submerged in a compelling three-day story.’’



‘‘Wacky Wheels is a three-day adventure, in which your group will set out on a quest to solve an ancient mystery. With creativity, brains and teamwork you find clues and solve puzzles that will gradually unravel the trail to the final revelation. In the meantime, other teams do the same and you have to make sure to do it better than they do… Or share a beer with them in the evening to talk about that day’s adventures…’’



‘‘I love to travel and at the same time I really like solving puzzles and mysteries, like in escape rooms. Wacky Wheels is a perfect combination of both! Not only you get away and explore new places, but you do all that by being part of a story and trying to solve a mystery, like stepping into Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ in real life!

What makes it more fun is that you share the experience with not only friends, but other teams too. In the evenings you get to socialize, play games and chat and laugh about the highlights of the day while sipping a beer and waiting for the barbeque.’’


Hope this gives you a deeper insight of what Wacky Wheels is and what you can expect. However, there is no other way to experience it, than by participating in the event itself. The first edition starts 19th September and we could not be more excited about it!


So the only question that remains is… are you Wacky enough to join the escape on Wheels?

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