The Fugitive’s Escape

Three months after being arrested by the FBI, a well-known fugitive escapes from prison. FBI director Mark Miller needs your help! The trail left by the fugitive leads to places all around the world. Can you find the fugitive once again?
1 - 100 teams
3-5 players per team
1-2 hours
  An escape room online
  A story with an unexpected plot
  A scorecard for every team
  Play all at the same time
  Hints, whenever needed
  Compare the score with your colleagues
  On the Company scoreboard

How does it work?

Teams of 2-5 people
You can play the game with multiple teams of about 2-5 people. There is no limit in the amount of teams. Each team will then start playing the Escape Game (either together or via a conference call). Everybody starts reading the story and finds lots of clues which in the beginning seem difficult to grasp.

The escape game
But just like in a real escape room, by discussing what everyone sees and what the clues could mean, the teams slowly start to solve the puzzles and unravel the story together. Every answer found can be submitted to the secure server which will directly award the points to the team. At the end each team can compare their scores with the other teams in the company scoreboard. Who will come out as winner?

Personally, I have little faith in team outings via a screen. But Wacky Wheels exceeded all my expectations. We sat on the edge of our seats with more than 100 people. Really insane!

Lucas Nutbey, Strategy Director Dept

Already played by over 1.000 people in more than 40 countries in the world.

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