The Lost Cure

22-25 September 2022
A long kept secret has been stolen from a mysterious group of people whose solemn task it was to guard this very secret. If it is revealed to the world, the result will be disastrous. In a last and desperate attempt to prevent this disaster, these guardians have summoned the world's best mystery solvers to retrieve the secret before it is too late. Can you gather a team to live up to their expectation and unravel the trail of the sinister robbers who stole the secret?

 22-25 September 2022
 starts in Eindhoven (NL)
 2-4 people per team
 € 95 per team + € 50 per person

What do you get

 A 3 day roadtrip along beautiful roads
 A compelling story to unravel
 Escape room like challenges
 A competition with other teams
 Realtime scoreboard to check your progress
 Memorable evenings with all participants

Good to know

How to get to the start?
Eindhoven is located in the south of Netherlands:
1.5 hours from Brussels
2 hours from Bonn
3 hours from Luxembourg
6 hours from London.

The exact starting location will be revealed to the participating teams close to the start. You will be expected between 8.00 and 10.00.
How to get home at the end?
On Saturday we end about 500 kms away from Eindhoven, so at Sunday, after the party, you have time to sleep in and still make it home before dinner.
What to bring?
As we will cross some borders, make sure to bring your ID or passport. For the rest check the FAQ.
COVID information
Starting in The Netherlands the 'Lost Cure' mystery road trip continues through Belgium (stay less than 24h), Luxembourg (stay less than 24h) and Germany. For travel information associated with COVID you can check the travel requirements for all countries on the interactive map or review the local government information for each country:
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany.
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    The road trip mystery games are not only about puzzling. Scenic routes guaranteed!

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