The Black Box

12-14 September 2024
Don’t wait up, gather your team and join the Wacky adventure
Black box [noun]
▪ A complex system or device whose internal workings are hidden or not readily understood.
· ▪ An indestructible box containing memories from the past, present and future.

For as long as people can remember, mysterious disappearances have taken place in northern Spain. The last disappearance of a group of friends happened about a year ago, and the police are still in the dark. There seems to be a link between the various disappearances, but every lead so far led to a dead end.

 12-14 September 2024
 starts in Bilbao, Spain
 2-5 people per team
 € 150 per team + € 50 per person

What do you get

 A 3 day roadtrip along beautiful roads
 A compelling story to unravel
 Escape room like challenges
 A competition with other teams
 Realtime scoreboard to check your progress
 Memorable evenings with all participants

Good to know

How to get home at the end?
On Saturday we end about 3 to 4 hours driving from Bilbao, so at Sunday, after the party, you are quickly back to the starting point.
What to bring?
Check the FAQ.

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Don’t wait up, gather your team and join the Wacky adventure
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The road trip mystery games are not only about puzzling. Scenic routes guaranteed!

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