The Dragon Trail

9-12 June 2022
There once was a time in which nobody questioned the existence of dragons. They were as real as any other animal, in the minds of the people. But times change and stories that were once part of our common reality faded from our memories and fell into forgotten oblivion. Nowadays, we all know that dragons are made-up creatures that only exist in fairy tales and epic tv-series… or… are they? You and your team are asked to help settle a long-lasting scientific dispute once and for all. But there are more forces at play and not everyone seems to share the desire to find the answers you seek…

 9-12 June 2022
 starts in Dover (UK)
 2-4 people per team
 € 95 per team + € 50 per person

What do you get

 A 3 day roadtrip along beautiful roads
 A compelling story to unravel
 Escape room like challenges
 A competition with other teams
 Realtime scoreboard to check your progress
 Memorable evenings with all participants

Good to know

How to get to the start?
Dover can easily be reached from Europe mainland by car:
Euro Tunnel from Calais (35 minutes; up to 4x/hour)
Ferries from Calais (90 minutes; every hour)
Ferries from Duinkerken (2 hours; 12x/day).

All options operate 24/7. Check the links to find the best option. We will see you between 8.00 and 10.00 in Dover.
How to get home at the end?
On day 3 you will be about 300 kms away from Dover, so at the next day, after the party, you have time to sleep in and still make it home before dinner.
What to bring?
With Brexit on, non-UK'ers will need to bring their passport. For the rest check the FAQ.

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