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OK, let us explain. You probably know how an escape room works – there is a mysterious story to be solved and you get locked in a room where you look for clues and solve puzzles. After solving all of them, you are able to unravel the mysterious story and escape the room. Now imagine, there are no walls and the escape ‘room’ is the outside world. You are still solving a mysterious story, but now the clues lead you to actual, real locations. By using the surroundings you are able to solve puzzles that lead you to new locations, new clues and new puzzles. This whole experience is 3 days – with great views along the way – until the mystery is unraveled. That’s why the mystery escape road trip is a combination of a road trip and an escape room, which makes it a great, adventurous holiday!


If you want to get an even better impression check out ‘A day in a Wacky Wheels road trip’ blog post.

Check the EDITIONS page for the latest mystery escape road trips and dates.

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If you can’t make the main Wacky Wheels event or want to have your private version for your company/department, send us your details and we’ll come back to you.

Four weeks before the start of the edition you signed up for, you will receive an email with detailed information. This includes the exact start and end locations for each day and at what exact time and place you are expected at the start of it all on day 1.

For the general starting point for each edition you can check the EDITIONS page.

The road trip lasts 3 days and ends with a celebration of a (hopefully) successful quest during which the winners are announced. From the final location it’s about a 500 km (The Lost Cure) or 350 km (The Dragon Trail) drive to reach the start location.

That’s something we won’t reveal yet!  ‘The Black Box’ takes place in the northern part of Spain. ‘The Lost Cure’ starts in Eindhoven and goes through Belgium, Luxembourg and western part of Germany. ‘The Dragon Trail’ takes place only in The UK. Each road trip is a 3 day ride of approximately 200-300 km per day. Additionally, you will receive an email 4 weeks before the start with more detailed information, including the exact ending locations for each day of the trip so that you can book your accommodation in advance.

The distance you drive per day is approximately 200-300 km. Of course, it depends on your navigation and puzzle solving skills…

Basically, you can use any vehicle you like! We wouldn’t recommend going by bike or on foot however, since the 200+ km daily distance might be a bit too far. Car, motorbike or camper van are all great ways to participate!

There are no requirements such as age or value of the vehicle. The only requirements are the ones given by the law. Make sure your vehicle is road legal and insured in the EU. Other than that, feel free to bring your Ferrari or a Trabant or anything in between.

Ask your family, your friends, your boss or anyone who might be willing to let you use their car. Or better, invite one to your team! You can also rent a car near the starting location. Car rental in Spain is surprisingly cheap if you book in advance!

Unfortunately, we can’t provide any road assistance ourselves. You might want to consider having an insurance for EU countries, including roadside assistance. Or bring some tools yourself of course…

In case of emergencies, you can always call the organisation and we will help with whatever we can do!

Yes, the minimum age for participants is 16.

You will receive a detailed email 4 weeks before the start of the road trip with all the information needed. In it you will also find the exact ending locations for each day of the road trip, along with campsite recommendations. You can use it to book your stays according to your own preference, whether it’s at a camping, a B&B, a hotel or anything in between.

No, food and drinks are not provided. It’s up to you if you want to bring your own food, prepare food at the campsite or visit local restaurants.

You can sign up by filling out the sign-up-form. After submitting the form, you will be asked to make the payment (see other question).

Yes, at any time you can still change your team name.

You can pay the fee by iDeal, credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay directly after filling out the sign up form.

The sign-up includes: a 3-day escape room experience on the road, a cool road trip with unique and interesting places to visit, the chance to compete with other teams for overall victory as well as to meet puzzle enthusiasts over an evening drink, a free drink and goodie bag with a gadget on the last day.

For an overview of the costs check the costs section on the homepage.

That depends on you! Will you choose to stay on camping or in a 5-star hotel? Will you split the road trip costs with 1 or 4 teammates? Your choices decide what this adventure will cost you, besides the inevitable cost for petrol and registration.

Great! You will receive an email 4 weeks before the start of the edition you signed up for with all the necessary information needed to prepare for the mystery escape road trip, including the exact ending locations for each day.

If you need some practice in your puzzle solving skills while you wait for the road trip to start, check our at home escape games. 

We really regret that you won’t be able to participate, but unfortunately we can’t reimburse your registration fee. A successful Wacky Wheels is only possible with an eager group of participants, so we want you to be sure and enthusiastic at the moment you sign up your team!
We advise to take out a cancellation insurance, which will probably reimburse the fee when given a good reason.

We will reimburse all registration fees (minus payments costs) or you can move your registration to a next edition.

Get in touch with us at info@wackywheels.nl. We’ll send you a link after that to pay for the additional member

Make sure to bring a valid ID or Passport, car insurance documents and driving licence.

To solve the clues, puzzles and challenges you’ll need pen and paper and your smartphones with enough internet data. To save on internet data for navigation, you can download the countries next to the starting point in Google Maps or the Maps.me app. Don’t forget to bring a car charger and a power bank. If you decide to stay at the campsites, then of course bring your tent, plates, cutlery and other camping gear. Besides that, just bring what you would otherwise bring on a 3-day road trip.  

At the start of the road trip you will be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions and Rules of the game. After that you and your team will be all set to receive the first clues and start the road trip.

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