Being quick or social now pays off!

Looking for a mystery road trip adventure for a little less? Scroll down to check the current wacky promotions.

Returning roadtripper

If you participated in a Wacky Wheels Road Trip, but want to experience it again and solve a new mystery, then as a returning roadtripper you get a 10% discount on the total sign-up fee. Just use the code you got during the road trip (hint: it was on a flyer) and sign up via the button below.

Don’t wait too long! This discount is active up to 2 months before the start of an edition.

Refer friends

The more the merrier! Why not share the Wacky road trip fun with friends and while doing so enjoy special discounts.


There are 2 Wacky referral bonuses:

  • Sign up discount: refer a team to sign up and get € 50 discount on your own team’s sign up. This discount is applicable for every new team sign up.
  • Cashback referral: refer a team to sign up and get a cashback of € 25 to your bank account. This bonus is valid for every new team sign up.

To claim the bonus, make sure the referred team indicates your details (full name and email) in the comments during their sign up, so that we can reach out to you.


For all the mentioned promotions the following conditions apply as well as the general Terms & Conditions.

  • Promotions cannot be combined. Only one promotion is applicable at a time per team. Except for the refer-a-friend promotion. That can be combined with another promotion and mor multiple referred teams.
  • The discounts are valid during the indicated periods.
  • The returning road tripper discount is applied per team, not per player. A team with 3 returning road trippers is eligible for the same discount as a team with 1 returning road tripper.
  • To be eligible for the returning road tripper discount at least one team member must have already participated in Wacky Wheels. We claim the right to verify the validity of the discount.
  • To be eligible for the refer-a-friend discount, the referred team should consist of only new participants.
  • All the promotions are subject to change or termination at any given moment without notice.


Lost the participants flyer with the code? Got questions about the promotion? Not sure how to claim the discount?