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While we prepare the next Mystery Game, we don’t like you to get bored. Therefore every now and then we post a blog below. Also check our puzzles sections

The space invaders

The story behind space invaders

The fourth edition of the Wacky Mystery Games subscription takes us to outer space. We’re leaving the planet, try to enter a spaceship and destroy it in order to save the planet. Yes, it sounds epic, but

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Three people dancing

Why do we dance?

Have you ever wondered why we dance? Or how it is that we dance at al and where dance comes from? First traces of dancing can be found on cave paintings in India dating to about 8000

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2021 review

Look back at 2021

Year ends call for reviews and summaries. When we started back in 2019 with the mystery road trip we did not intend to create more escape games. Fast forward 3 years ahead and we have 6 mystery

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Amsterdam canals

Lockdown activiteiten in Amsterdam

Helaas zitten we weer in een nieuwe lockdown. Daardoor wordt het aantal leuke activiteiten dat je kunt doen in de kerstvakantie behoorlijk beperkt. Maar niet getreurd! We hebben een aantal van onze favoriete lockdown activiteiten in Amsterdam

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Game gifts under the Christmas tree

Christmas gifts and ideas

Ideal gifts for escape room fans, puzzle and mystery lovers With Christmas getting closer and closer it’s time to think about gift ideas. We know that some of you are already done with their shopping lists, but

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9 things to do while at home

Spending time at home doesn’t have to be boring! Here a proposal of 9 things you can do while at home: Play board games Playing board games is always a fun way to spend time with friends

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The answer to the green-eyed dragon puzzle

Remember the post we made about the most difficult logic puzzle in the world about the green-eyed dragons? (if not, you should definitely read this first). Brace yourself, because here comes to answer! On the 100th midnight, every

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VR room: Safe Night

Preparations for day 1? Check!   Preparations for day 2? Check!   Preparations for day 3? Check!     Still lots to do before the start of “The Lost Cure” but we felt we deserved a break!

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Escape Room tips and tricks

Breaking out from an escape room is an exciting and fun experience! However, sometimes it can be hard to find and connect the right clues together. To prevent you from ever getting stuck again, Wacky Wheels has

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What is Wacky Wheels

What is Wacky Wheels?

‘So…what is Wacky Wheels?’   We hear this question sometimes… Of course for the four of us the answer is obvious, since we are the masterminds behind it. However, sometimes it’s easy to forget, that it’s not

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Escape Room Steampunk

Escape room: Steampunk

The closer the first WackyWheels edition gets, the more there is to do. Administration, buying goodies for during the event, defining fair points per puzzle, adjusting the puzzles based on test findings and even already thinking ahead

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Every week a new puzzle

As we do need your brains in perfect shape for next Wacky Wheels edition, we create a new puzzle every week. Can you solve them all? Finding a specific puzzle to hard, ask for a hint in

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Escape room: The Curse Amsterdam

In our preparations to create the puzzles for Wacky Wheels, we get inspiration by doing escape rooms now and then. This also is a great excuse to just do them since, apart from getting inspiration, we just

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Escape room: Locked Amsterdam

Locked Amsterdam, located near Sloterdijk, was founded by Maurits Woudenberg – a jazz musician by trade with a passion for tinkering.   You can choose to escape in two rooms: The Liberman Conspiracy or The Submarine, with

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