If you have any questions, we love to answer them. Reach out to us at info@wackywheels.nl and we normally respond within a day. Or even quicker, check our FAQ to see if somebody before you had the same question.

On the homepage you can give your name and email address. After payment (see next question) we then send you a link to download the Mystery Story Puzzle Game booklet (pdf of 16MB).

You can pay the fee by iDeal, credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay.

Nope. You just buy the booklet, and that’s it. You can do the puzzles, check your answers and compare them with others on the global scoreboard.

Once purchased, the booklet is all yours. If you lose it, you can use the download link again, but be aware that the link is limited to a maximum of three downloads.

Ooh, good question…. For our adult editions, we’d say 16+. Some of the puzzels may be a bit too complex for under 16 though they can definitely help out with some other puzzles. But we have good news for all youngsters (and their parents): we now also have junior editions which are good to play from 8-14 years.

Everything created by WackyWheels falls under copyright. The Mystery Games can not be copied, distributed and/or re-sold.

As the booklet is an electronic product, no returns are possible after the payment.

After downloading the PDF you need pen, paper, creativity, patience and brains. You can check your answers online at any time and when done, compare your score on the global scoreboard.

No worries. We designed a full-color version but for printing we also provide a printer-friendly version on a white background. At your download page you can download both versions.

Though it’s nice to print it, you can perfectly well play it directly from your phone or computer.

Not yet :). All our booklets are in English.

You’ll get a full sized A4 booklet of 38 pages storyline to unravel.

You can check your answers on your personal scorecard. You get the link in the email after your payment.

Yes, after filling in all your scores, you will see how well you did compared to the other people on earth on our global scoreboard. You can also see if you are the best in your country. Can you make it to the top 10%?
Not sure yet? No problem! You can get a free puzzle booklet by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of our Home page. Keep in mind that the free booklet is a warm-up for the regular version, which is much bigger.

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