How to play

Find the answer
The escape game consists of a story with puzzles. Every time you get to a puzzle, try to find the answer. Sometimes you have to read what you just read again to see if there are any hints hidden in the text. Sometimes you really have to puzzle. Then it can help to print the puzzle or draw the puzzle yourself on a piece of paper. Sometimes even a pair of scissors can help!
Submit the answer
When you find the answer, you can fill it in online on your personal scorecard. Just click the question for which you find the answer and type in your answer. You directly get to know if you had it correct (tip: turn on the sound of your phone or laptop!).
Some puzzles can be difficult! But don't worry. You can always ask for a hint. Some questions even have multiple hints! Click on the question mark behind the question and you will receive a hint. That should help you in finding the answer!
Need a break?
All your answers are saved automatically. So at any time you can stop puzzling and close your phone or laptop. When you come back, just go to the same link you used before.
When you are ready (no problem if you didn’t know all the answers), then go to the scoreboard with the button at the bottom of your scorecard. There you can compare your scores with those of your friends or anybody else in the world, who already played it. How cool is that! Do you think you can make it to the top-10 of your country?
Don't spoil it!
Oh, and one thing we would like to ask you. When you find a good answer, you should be enthusiastic about that, but please keep the answer for yourself and don’t put it on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok :P. So all your friends can also still play it.