How to play

Puzzle to find the answer
The escape game consists of a story and puzzles. Each correct answer will give you points!

During the game, there are different chapters. In every chapter there are multiple hints and puzzles. You can answer any question that's part of the chapter you're in at that time.
Submit the answer
When you find the answer, click on the question to answer it. You directly get to know if you had it correct or not. Make sure to fill in the answer for the correct question (check the number of the question before submitting) or you won't get points at all.
Some puzzles are more difficult than others. Don't worry if you get stuck on one, you can always ask for a hint (some questions even have multiple hints!). Click on the question mark behind the question on the scorecard and the hint will appear. It costs half of the points for that question though...

If you still don't have a clue, know that after answering you can see the correct answer and its explanation.
Team work
When starting a new chapter, you see many things around you. It's up to you as a team to decide on the best strategy to solve the puzzles.

TIP: even though everybody can use the link to enter the game for themselves, it might be better for one person to share the screen. This way everybody is (literally) on the same page and sees the same thing. Especially the videos you will see are easier to watch together on a shared screen.
Moving on
When you found all the answers in a chapter, you can move on to the next one. Make sure everybody is ready before you move on! Note: sometimes there are clues needed in a later stage. You can always go back to any previous chapter to check these ones again
On the bottom of the scorecard is a 'scoreboard' button. On the scoreboard you can compare your scores with those of your colleagues/friends.

TIP: after each correct answer, you can check the 'scoreboard' to see if you gained a place or two.