The man-eating birds of the Puffin Islands

About 25 years ago, a well-known adventurer named Oghrin was the last known person to set foot on Stymphalia, the most western of the Puffin islands. People say he went looking for an extremely rare and precious artifact, but as with all people traveling to Stymphalia, Oghrin never returned.

As an adventurer in a world called Asnia, you're always looking for ways to make some coin. It seems to be your lucky day when you stumble upon an old, handwritten note by Oghrin himself.
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mystery game cover page
1-4 players 32 pages 2-4 hours
  An escape room at home
  A story with an unexpected plot
  A personal scorecard
  Hints, whenever needed
  Take a break any time you want
  Global scoreboard access

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