The Mystery of Beverīna Castle

Various tales and legends speak of the mysterious Beverīna Castle. In 1208, the castle was under attack by the Estonians, who later had to retreat and were chased away by the Knights Templar. What exactly happened during the attack remains a mystery, and to this day Beverīna Castle hasn't been located. Nobody knows where it used to be or what happened to it.

In this story you take on the role of an Estonian soldier and see if you can solve The Mystery of Beverīna Castle.
This Mystery Game comes as a downloadable pdf.
mystery game cover page
1-4 players 22 pages 1-1.5 hours
  An escape room at home
  A story with an unexpected plot
  A personal scorecard
  Hints, whenever needed
  Take a break any time you want
  Global scoreboard access

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