Can you solve it?

As we think you should never be bored in life, we crafted a bunch of puzzles for you. Some are easy, others will be challenging. You can treat the puzzles here as a warm-up for the real challenge:

the Mystery Story Puzzle Game

Dragon fire

Can you find the solution and the sentence hidden in the dragon fire?? 🐲

Where is the rainbow?

That’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but can you figure our in which city is the gold?? 🍀💰🌈

Can you help the pirate

The pirate forgot where he hid his treasure. Can you help him find it back? Open the puzzle to see the second image.

Which card?

Can you find out which card (type and suit) is behind the question mark?

The most difficult logic puzzle in the world

The title of being the most difficult logic puzzle in the world is not easily achieved and actually quite heavily debated. So whether the statement is true or not, I don’t know, but I can guarantee you that this puzzle will blow your mind! And to be fairly honest, I also like the title of this puzzle “the 100 green-eyed dragons” as it fits perfectly in the theme of the next Wacky Wheels road trip event “The Dragon Trail”.

Which city

Which city are we looking for? Hint: this one is related to previous puzzle 😊.

Spilled coffee

Unfortunately, we spilled some coffee on this week’s quiz….☕ Hope you can still solve it!

Son or daughther?

Again, not an easy one! Use google and creativity. And otherwise just guess 😛. Son or daughter?

Umberto Eco

A, B or C?

You need all three images to find what we are looking for.

Where is her camp

Where is the camp?

Although it’s 40 degrees outside, we still have a riddle for you to cook your brains. That is if you don’t already know it, as this time it’s a known riddle. PS: there are multiple answers possible

sailor route

Which route?

An Irish sailor wants to have a pint in Galway. Which color of route is he taking?

What do we look for?

Only for diehards

This one is for the diehards only! Some of the WackyWheels organizers weren’t able to solve it without clues? Can you beat us? Try to team up as you need multiple kind of skills for this one.

3 puzzles for the price of 1

Since we have a long weekend ahead, we give you three puzzles at once. Open the full post to see all three. Each puzzle will give you a hint for the next one and it finally leads you to the answer!

Find the slogan

Do you recognise the world wonders and their names? Can you find the sentence we are looking for?

Which city gets burnt?

Do you know which capital city got burnt down here by the dragon? Tip: it’s not King’s Landing ?. Valar morghulis!

You like puzzles?

We like them too. And we also like compelling storylines. That’s why we combined both concepts: solve escape-room-like challenges while unraveling an unexpected plot in a story, all of that available in one booklet . And on top of that, you’re not only challenging yourself, you can compete with the rest of the world! Every puzzle solved will get you points and a spot on the global scoreboard! Sounds like fun? Check our homepage for more info or get your very own copy of one of our Mystery Games.

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