1.flag of be Marsian 1370
1.flag of nl Schmebulock 1370
1.flag of fr Team Fourmis 1370
1.flag of nl Duineveld 1370
5.flag of ca Simba 1350
6.flag of nl Raoul 1270
6.flag of nl Sugarbabes 1270
6.flag of us STACY & JARED ROCK! 1270
9.flag of id Handy Juanita 1230
10.flag of nl Gezelligheid kent geen tijd 1220
10.flag of nl Descaknap 1220
12.flag of us Marie & Ben 1170
12.flag of nl Forestt 1170
12.flag of nl Team More 1170
15.flag of de Felix 1150
15.flag of nl Hubo's 1150
17.flag of nl Annick & Tim 1145
18.flag of us Luke 1140
19.flag of us ESCAPETHEROOMers 1130
20.flag of nl Plaap 1120
20.flag of nl Tombola 1120
22.flag of nl RammaR77 1095
23.flag of us Jmac 1070
23.flag of se Emeran 1070
23.flag of fi Jussikin 1070

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