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Cottage in the woods

You and your friends decide to go on a hiking trip to get away from everyday life for a little while. After packing your bags, you leave the last village before entering a large forest. Everyone is in good spirits for the first few days, but on the 4th day of the hike, you are caught in a terrible storm. Hail stones as large as golf balls come down from the skies and the wind breaks off big branches of the trees and come falling down all around you. You decide to run for shelter and soon stumble upon a small open area in the middle of the forest. In the center of the open area stands an old cottage.
You all run towards it, open the unlocked door and breathe heavily while you sit down on the old chairs standing in the main room of the cottage. Finally you found safety! Or….. did you? After you’ve calmed down a bit, you look around to see what place you ended up in.

Download the 38 page booklet below and unravel the complete story by solving the puzzles.


We want everybody to have a chance to enjoy our Mystery Games. Therefore we have kept the price low. For you get your very own Puzzle Story Game: 38 pages full of a compelling storyline with puzzles to unravel it. After solving the mystery, you can check your answers online on your personal scorecard. And if you did a good job, compare your scores on the global scoreboard. Can you make it to the top 5% of the world? Or hit the top-10 of your country?

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