Guess the road!

Can you find out where we have been?

As we like traveling as much as creating riddles, we have a game for you. Each week we will post a photo of a road of our own travels, somewhere in the world. Your task is to guess, in which country the road is located!

If you wanna join the game even further and have a cool road photo from your travels, send it over and we might feature it!

And if you are done with guess-the-road, then try our puzzles.

You like road puzzles?

We like them too. And we also like roadtripping on scenic routes in Europe. That’s why we combined both concepts: solve escape-room-like challenges to find your way to the end destination.


And on top of that, you’re not only challenging yourself in finding out where to go, you’re also competing against dozens of other teams! Every puzzle solved and clue found will get you points and a spot on the leaderboard which on the final day results in a winner who goes home with €250 and the honorary title of Wacky Wheels Masters!


Sounds like fun? Check our homepage for more info or sign up.

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eat, repeat

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