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The existence of Wacky Wheels hasn’t remained unnoticed by the media, from magazines until national radio.

Radio 3FM

Radio 3FM

3 for 12 radio | 19 September 2019

“Hey Paul, do you have a good time, you’re really on a very special holiday.” -“Good evening, yes that’s right! Yes, I am having a BBQ here in Germany with 60 unknown people”- “Yes, but I’ve never heard of it: a Wacky Wheels Roadtrip. How do you get there and what exactly is it?”- “eh, yes, we were doing an escape room and there was a flyer about the largest escape room in Europe and then we thought hey that sounds nice.”

Escape The Roomers

Review on 3 digital escape rooms | 25 June 2020

Wacky Wheels currently offers 3 digital escape games (1 free and 2 available for purchase). We played all 3 of them and below are our thoughts on each of them.

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Elke dag vakantie


Whole of Europe as escape room | 30 June 2019

Lock yourself up in small rooms and then come out with hints. The escape room is popular. The Netherlands currently has eight hundred escape rooms spread over five hundred locations, making the phenomenon one of the fastest growing sectors in our country. But it’s getting even better now. In September 2019, Wacky Wheels will take you on a weekend of puzzling journeys through Europe, without any clue about the final destination.

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AB Magazin

Wacky Wheels turns Europe into an escape room | 30 June 2019

Europe as an escape room. Wacky Wheels combines the idea of the popular escape room with a surprising road trip. You make your way through Europe while puzzling and do not know where you will end up. But at the finish there is a party.

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Los de puzzels op en schrijf je in


The escape room in the form of a roadtrip | 27 June 2019

You leave without any clue where you will end up: that is the idea of ​​the “escape room on wheels”. By solving puzzles along the way you decipher the route and you can travel further to the final destination. The first edition of Wacky Wheels begins in September 2019, a road trip through Europe disguised as an escape room.

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Escape weekly 15 – 2019 | 12 April 2019

The organizers of Wacky Wheels, themselves escape room enthusiasts, are busy organising a three-day event. The first edition of Wacky Wheels will start in Eindhoven on 19-21 September. In teams of 2 to 4 people, people go a route in their own car (or motorhome or motorcycle) where they have to solve escape room-like puzzles. The end point is unknown, but will not be in the Netherlands. Who will participate?

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escape weekly

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