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The Dragon Trail road trip

Spoiler free review | 23 September 2023

This is an experience like no other – you are given 3 locations in the country where you will be stationed each night, but no idea of the journey you will take to get between them, or what you will be asked to do. All you know is that you have been asked to prove the existence of dragons. Who could possibly turn down an opportunity like that?


We had an absolutely wonderful time. This was a unique event that we thoroughly recommend to anyone to take part in. You really do see some amazing places you may not have visited before, and even if you have done you will see them in a new light. We discovered at least two places we really want to go back to again, and discovered some exciting places an things we would maybe never have seen.


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Mysterious case of dancing mania

Spoiler free review on Dancing Mania | 25 February 2023

I found the puzzles to be light and fun adventures – I would say newcomers will have a lot to sink their teeth into while more experienced players will find this a good puzzle to tackle in an evening. There is excellent diversity across the puzzles and each component of the game is there with intention and care. There is decoding, tracking, logic, word games, and observational puzzles that build up answers towards the end.


Overall I felt this booklet does an excellent job building interest and intrigue for the game with a beautiful finish and a teaser page to get players started. The booklet lays out like a set of notes left by scholars attempting to unravel the mystery which gave the theme a playfulness as you became the scholar of this puzzle journey.


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The Man Eating Birds Of The Puffin Islands

Spoiler free review | 7 March 2023

The Man-eating Birds of the Puffin Islands is a fun, narrative puzzle adventure that will delight puzzle fans and fans of D&D-style narrative adventures. I’d recommend this game for solo gamers who want to sink into the story and dive into the adventure. It’s two-for-two on fun Wacky Wheels puzzle adventures, and for the price you get a good amount of bang for your buck.


The other puzzles have a good mix of novel mechanics I’d not seen before, which stumped me at first. There’s a mix of deciphering, deduction, searching and shape manipulation, offering a well-rounded puzzling experience.

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Dance like everyone is watching!

Spoiler free review on Dancing Mania | 7 December 2022

I enjoyed how Wacky Wheels was able to create a distinction between the five experts’ personalities in the short puzzles presented by each. Many of the pages were presented in a style that we come to expect from a document of this era – illuminated letters and woodcut-style images specifically. And I can’t speak highly enough of the sheer size of the book: printed on A4 paper, it’s the most shareable puzzle book I’ve played.

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Mysterious case of dancing mania

Spoiler free review | 1 October 2022 | rating: 8
“We haven’t done any puzzle game like this before, but it was so much fun doing it! Nice on the couch, with a glass of wine and solving puzzles together. The booklet is of good quality and the online scorecard works very well and simply.”

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Mysterious Case of Dancing Mania

Spoiler free review | 29 September 2022

Published in October of 2022 (we, here at The Voynich Times mysteriously grabbed an early copy), The Mysterious Case of Dancing Mania is the first issue in a new quarterly Mystery Puzzle Game magazine from Wacky Wheels in the Netherlands! It calls itself, “A mystery story puzzle game” and combines story, mystery, and..you guessed it…puzzles!

We here at the Voynich Times have really wanted a Mystery Puzzle Game subscription magazine for a long time, so we were so excited to have used the mystic arts to find this item! So…did it stand up to our expectations? Did we love it?

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Podcast on Wacky Wheels subscription

Board Game Blitz | 26 September 2022

“I also wanted to mention, briefly, a review over a copy of an escape room type puzzle book that I got, from Wacky Wheels. It’s called The Mysterious Case of Dancing Mania.”

– “I mean the name alone has me interested, right.”

“Yeah, so this is a new subscription escape room type service, from Wacky Wheels and it’s the first of a subscription…. ”

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Mysterious Case of Dancing Mania

Spoiler free review | 22 September 2022

The quality of the booklet is superb. The cover is what feels like a linen finish, and the pages are thick enough to endure a thorough thumbing. The also contains a loose newspaper extract that helps set the scene and contains some simple brainteaser puzzles to ease you in.

I enjoyed the fact that the game’s story was based on a real event. In the 16th Century, a group of people in a single village spontaneously started dancing and couldn’t stop. And it spread to up to 400 people.

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The longest Night in Bel-ville

theescaperoomer.com | 3 January 2022

A puzzle wrapped in a story between the pages of a magical book that arrived on my doorstep just before Christmas Eve… What could be more magical and festive? The Longest Night in Bell-Ville is the latest “Mystery Story” from Netherlands-based creators, Wacky Wheels. With their very highly rated play at home games finding a lot of popularity in the escape room industry, I was very excited to finally have my hands on a Wacky Wheels experience. But how did it hold up? And what exactly is a mystery story?


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The longest Night in Bell-ville

Spoiler free review | 11 December 2021

The amount of work that has been put in there is outstanding. The alignments of everything must have took hours. My suggestions were merely to give some pointers to perhaps elevate the book series as there should always be room for improvement in any project/game. This has so much potential to become a must-have for escape room fans. Almost like becoming a staple like EXIT, Unlock and pocket escape. Since this holidays are coming, this book is certainly a great gift (since it has winter and celebration as its main theme) and would be a fantastic addition to any escape room fan’s collection. Fun for the whole family or as a solo play for the more experienced player! Can’t wait to see what their future creations will be like!

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Road trip “The Lost Cure”

review by Eline Verheij | 6 oktober 2021
Without giving away spoilers, I want to say that this was sooooo much fun that I definitely recommend going on this tour as well. Do you like driving, discovering new places and doing puzzles? Then this is really something for you.

My experience: 3 incredible, fun, exhausting, confusing, cool, beautiful, sunny, funny, special days. Once with a little frustration about one of the puzzles……. ahhhh! But isn’t that part of it? And didn’t we make up for that with the next puzzle?! We enjoyed from start to finish.

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The Fugitive’s Escape

Spoilerfree review | 26 August 2021

One of my favourite parts about this game is that you could see an explanation of the puzzle once someone in your team had answered a question. This is so nice in situations where your team is working on different things and everyone has a different speed at solving puzzles, you can go back and read about the steps on your own time. It’s a little bit like having the games master walk you through an escape room after you’ve played it to make sure you understood all the parts!

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Cottage in the Woods

A Print & Play that you don’t need to print to play | 17 March 2021

Before going any further I should point out that we have classed this as a print and play, as technically it is, but we played it without printing anything and just used it directly from the PDF file, so if you don’t have a printer, don’t let that stop you from playing.


Anyway, we’ve had a copy of Cottage in the Woods in our ‘to-do’ pile for much longer than we would like so we decided to have a binge weekend where we caught up on a number of games that we had been meaning to play. I think this was number four of seven for that weekend.

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Cottage in the Woods

Spoiler free review | 12 December 2020


Today a review for the escape game Cottage in the Woods by Wacky Wheels. Wacky Wheels is a Dutch based company providing escape and mystery games in digital format, but also road trips with escape room puzzles which help you to reach your destination. This escape game is only available in digital format.


The story is about you and a group of friends who go out on a hiking trip in a forest. During a hail storm you decide to hide in an empty cabin found in the woods. From there you’re in for an adventure. I liked the story and the ending and I was curious to know what would happen next.

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Escape The Roomers

Review on 3 digital escape rooms | 25 June 2020

Wacky Wheels currently offers 3 digital escape games (1 free and 2 available for purchase). We played all 3 of them and below are our thoughts on each of them.

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Radio 3FM

3 for 12 radio | 19 September 2019

“Hey Paul, do you have a good time, you’re really on a very special holiday.” -“Good evening, yes that’s right! Yes, I am having a BBQ here in Germany with 60 unknown people”- “Yes, but I’ve never heard of it: a Wacky Wheels Roadtrip. How do you get there and what exactly is it?”- “eh, yes, we were doing an escape room and there was a flyer about the largest escape room in Europe and then we thought hey that sounds nice.”

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Radio 3FM
Elke dag vakantie


Whole of Europe as escape room | 30 June 2019

Lock yourself up in small rooms and then come out with hints. The escape room is popular. The Netherlands currently has eight hundred escape rooms spread over five hundred locations, making the phenomenon one of the fastest growing sectors in our country. But it’s getting even better now. In September 2019, Wacky Wheels will take you on a weekend of puzzling journeys through Europe, without any clue about the final destination.

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AB Magazin

Wacky Wheels turns Europe into an escape room | 30 June 2019

Europe as an escape room. Wacky Wheels combines the idea of the popular escape room with a surprising road trip. You make your way through Europe while puzzling and do not know where you will end up. But at the finish there is a party.

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Los de puzzels op en schrijf je in


The escape room in the form of a roadtrip | 27 June 2019

You leave without any clue where you will end up: that is the idea of ​​the “escape room on wheels”. By solving puzzles along the way you decipher the route and you can travel further to the final destination. The first edition of Wacky Wheels begins in September 2019, a road trip through Europe disguised as an escape room.

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Escape weekly 15 – 2019 | 12 April 2019

The organizers of Wacky Wheels, themselves escape room enthusiasts, are busy organising a three-day event. The first edition of Wacky Wheels will start in Eindhoven on 19-21 September. In teams of 2 to 4 people, people go a route in their own car (or motorhome or motorcycle) where they have to solve escape room-like puzzles. The end point is unknown, but will not be in the Netherlands. Who will participate?

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