[Also available in Dutch flag]

During this game, you will have to complete 9 missions from the Guild of Tiny Curiosities in the city of Amsterdam. Linking all 9 missions, there is a 10th, final puzzle mission that will prove your worth to the Guild. The area where the missions take place are all in the city center, roughly between Central Station, de Wallen, Rijksmuseum and Prinsengracht. All missions are within walking distance from each other. We guarantee that both visitors and locals will discover things they didn’t know yet about these tiny, hidden things in Amsterdam!
1 - 100 teams
1-4 players per team
2-4 hours
  The city as your escape room
  10 missions to complete for a secretive Guild
  Learn interesting, fun facts about the city
  A personal scorecard
  Hints, whenever needed
  Take a break any time you want
  Global scoreboard access

Where about?

The “Tiny curiosities of Amsterdam” is set in the city center of Amsterdam. In the map below you can already see the locations of the different missions. So dust your walking boots and start exploring!

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