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Wacky Wheels

Early 2019 the idea of Wacky Wheels was born out of a mixed passion for escape rooms and road trips. In September 2019 the first official edition of Wacky Wheels called ‘The Lost Cure’ took place in which 19 teams battled for a top spot in the rankings while enjoying a 3-day road trip through fantastic landscapes. The 2nd edition starts in Dover (UK) and is called The Dragon Trail.

Wacky Wheels is a unique road trip, in which the participants submerge for three days into a story full of mystery and unexpected plot twists, while solving puzzles along the way. You could say that Wacky Wheels is the biggest escape room in the world, with Europe as its playground!

We would love to invite you to join this adventure! Check our Wacky Wheels Escape on Wheels section to find more information about upcoming events!

Since we wanted to offer more people a chance to experience what Wacky Wheels is like, we created this booklet. In a way it’s similar to the big road trip event, except for the road trip part of course. In this book, you – alone or with friends – find yourself in a mysterious place full of secrets. You will have to puzzle your way through the story to unravel it, just like in an escape room or the Wacky Wheels event. In the end, you will make some unexpected discoveries!

And be aware, it may look like a fictional story, but it might be closer to the truth than you think…

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