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1.flag of us C-MART 620d 12:58:08
2.flag of jp Sander 606d 13:05:46
3.flag of ca K Fung 580d 02:42:50
4.flag of nl WesTien 572d 05:19:59
5.flag of ph Kyle 550d 02:32:40
6.flag of us Agarwallas 550d 05:18:09
7.flag of no Superbeans 559d 22:09:48
8.flag of nl J&S 5510d 00:19:16
9.flag of ca Char 530d 01:56:26
10.flag of nz Hughsey 530d 02:02:29
11.flag of nl Cat oracles 500d 01:31:32
12.flag of nl Diananas 500d 04:09:35
13.flag of za Daniel 480d 03:16:43
14.flag of us Dkfw 480d 05:32:15
15.flag of us JSYL 480d 09:29:52
16.flag of us Eric Ackley 483d 04:14:25
17.flag of ca Josh & Brit 461d 21:15:41
18.flag of us Beth Goodsell 451d 01:00:16
19.flag of nl Kim Joey 430d 03:17:41
19.flag of us MandZ 430d 03:17:41
21.flag of ca Krispy 430d 14:11:10
22.flag of us Michael Steele 433d 06:42:48
23.flag of de A 437d 01:42:18
24.flag of nl Wezz 410d 02:52:35
25.flag of us Lexie 400d 22:40:16
26.flag of nz Alexis 390d 05:14:16
27.flag of cl Pablokiwi 380d 02:31:54
28.flag of nl Jenni25 380d 02:42:15
29.flag of bt boooooo 381d 08:59:01
30.flag of nl Maaike van den Berg 371d 00:09:29
31.flag of us Hannah Fancher 360d 02:26:48
32.flag of gb Michael 350d 14:34:46
33.flag of ca Bellzon 310d 03:34:53
34.flag of at Tom 315d 22:30:59
35.flag of sg Melvin Lim 190d 00:54:49

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