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1.flag of nl Team Beskus 2500d 01:48:52
2.flag of us Vincent 2500d 03:44:42
3.flag of us ESCAPETHEROOMers 2400d 02:17:06
4.flag of gb Team DARKE 2400d 02:17:27
5.flag of gb Chucky Pigs 2400d 02:49:35
6.flag of se Ka-tet Squared 2400d 03:05:34
7.flag of gb The Overthinkers 2350d 02:08:14
8.flag of us Moose Detective 2350d 04:38:42
9.flag of gb patrober 2350d 05:18:38
10.flag of de Escaperoommate 2300d 02:19:21
11.flag of nl CatORACLES 2300d 03:39:16
12.flag of us Crofton2 2303d 03:28:59
13.flag of gb Pass the Wine 2250d 02:54:10
14.flag of ca uniqueuser2 2251d 00:03:01
15.flag of gb JDS 2200d 01:49:27
16.flag of nz Malia 2200d 02:07:46
17.flag of au Chi 2200d 02:25:19
18.flag of us The Sweepest 2200d 02:28:39
19.flag of ca CartoCreative 2200d 23:26:24
20.flag of us Stewarts 2201d 01:23:40
21.flag of nl Lodder 2201d 08:09:45
22.flag of us Price Is Right 2202d 06:50:30
23.flag of au The Parnell Family 2150d 01:49:58
24.flag of gb Pendragons 2150d 02:23:31
25.flag of au Team BAsh 2150d 02:45:32

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