Online Escape Room Tournament

The Story

Fugitive Trail Cover page

Three people have gone missing. The FBI is getting desperate as the last person is one of their own agents. A mysterious trail of riddles is left behind in the agent’s house and the FBI wants you to come and help solve them…

The Game

  • Dive into the mystery story and try to unravel it by solving the puzzles
  • 38 pages full of secrets with 24 escape-room like challenges that lead you to the ultimate revelation!
  • You submit the answers online, so you instantly see your score. Hints are available if needed, but cost points

The Result

The tournament finished Sunday June 15. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can still play The Fugitive’s Trail. Below, the top-10 of our first tournament.

tournament results


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Thanks for your help and good luck! Awesome customer service!!!
Did the free one and got 10 points! Loved it, will be buying the real one tomorrow
We just completed The First Trial and I have to say this is excellent! Me and my wife enjoyed it very much and bought The Cottage right away.
Fun! Way better than real-life escape room where I have to invent a vaccine to get out of here.
I just ordered. Looking forward to it!
Yay, thank you! (We visited Amsterdam last year and did the best escape room of our lives so far. You Dutch know how to throw down, hard.) Keep being awesome.
This sounds great. I'll try it as soon as I can.
Tomorrow is my Birthday and I was supposed to go to an Escape Room with 12 people. This will be a suitable substitute. THANKS!
gonna try to run this over zoom/teleconference. any suggestions? just read through the free trial, and it was great!
Really loved the First Trial!
Just finish the First Trial. My brother and i was playing together and we actually love it. Never thought my brother would be so good at this XD
Wanted to throw our computers when we discovered the answers to some of the puzzles, but that’s a sign of a good experience to me! Otherwise was so much fun. Can’t wait for the next one!!
It was great to have something to work on with my daughter while quarantined and I love that she was so into them. There was lots of high-fiving on our end as we figured out the puzzles. So THANK YOU!!!
Although it is doable from screen, we are going to print it. One puzzle in The First Trial would definitely be easier when printed. Great job and thank you very much!
We loved it so much that we bought the ‘real’ experience and then spent the rest of the night playing that (took around 3 hours).
The game itself was quite good, comparable to many of the escape room experiences out there. We spotted a few grammar mistakes but nothing to the detriment of the core game.
Overall, we loved it and would highly recommend it.
Just finished the trial. This was a lot of fun. The puzzles were quite clever and not so difficult as to be frustrating. I’ll definitely be be purchasing Cottage in the Woods. Thanks for the sample booklet!
I bought and played this in April, it was quite fun! The closest equivalent would be the EXIT games, but this had much more of a story and dialogue. Would definitely recommend!

Let the games begin!

Fugitive's Trail

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