Privacy policy

No worries, we don't sell your kidneys

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When you subscribe to our newsletter, your name and e-mail  address are added to our mailing list (stored in our database and in MailerLite). Each e-mail we send contains an unsubscribe link.

Wacky Wheels Roadtrip

When you sign up for a Wacky Wheels© roadtrip, all the fields you fill in at our website are sent to our e-mail and stored in our database. We store and use your data to be able to provide you the Wacky Wheels roadtrip. We will keep you up to date with important updates about the rally via e-mail. We may add your phone number to a Whatsapp group with all participants of that specific rally to be able to inform you about important updates before and during the rally. At the start of the roadtrip, every participant is required to sign our terms&conditions. Optionally, you can leave your email address, in which case we add you to the newsletter (see above) with your name, email, team name and the edition you participated.

Board, City & Escape Game

When you buy a Mystery Board Game, City Game or Escape Game ©, all the fields you fill in at our website are sent to our e-mail and stored in our database. We store and use your data to be able to provide you the Game. When you download the game, you are asked to fill in a nickname and your country. The nickname and country you fill in there will be shown on the global scoreboard together with your score.

Offending user data

We don’t allow sexual, racist, or in any other way offensive team names and user names. We have the right to change or remove the subscription in these cases.


For payments we use payment provider Mollie. Upon your request to do a payment we send your (team)name and the payable amount to Mollie. They take care of the whole payment process in their secured environment. Mollie will handle credit card payments directly, forwards iDeal payment requests to the selected bank, PayPal-requests to PayPal and Apple Pay requests to Apple.

Get and/or remove your data

At any time you can request to see or remove the personal data we have stored from you by sending an email with that request to info@wackywheels.nl. Upon a request for removal, we will remove the data as soon as they are not longer needed for the service we provide.


We use a default integration with Google Analytics for getting general insights in how our website is being used. Also for analytical purposes, for any registration or signup we determine and store the country, region and city based on IP address, using geoPlugin.


In case you have once arrived at our website with an affiliate link (www.wackywheels.nl/?affiliate=…), then we will store that affiliate name with your registration. This enables us to pay out our affiliate partners.


The Facebook like-button integration is used which allows users to like or share our Facebook page directly from our website. It also shows the people that have already liked our Facebook page. Users need to be signed in on Facebook for this and the privacy policy of Facebook applies.

Third parties

In case you’d like to know how our third parties handle your privacy, please check their privacy policy:


If you have any doubts or concerns how we handle your personal data, please send us a note.