Escape from the canyon

Canyon escape puzzle

In the next mystery subscription game ‘The man-eating birds of The Puffin Island’ you’re going to become an adventurer who has to face many dangers in search of a treasure. While you wait for your game to arrive, here’s a teaser puzzle of what this adventure will feel like!

Make your way through the canyon, but avoid all the dangerous creatures lurking around! Here are some rules to follow, to make sure you have a safe passage:


  • You start at the bottom right corner (marked with the ‘start’ sign) and your goal is to reach the top left corner (marked with the ‘finish’ sign).
  • Both you and the creatures can only move to adjacent tiles, not diagonally.
  • Neither you, nor the animals, can cross the thick red lines or step on the red tiles.
  • Each creature is able to move and attack you if you get too close to it and are within its range:
    • Spiders have a reach of 1 tile;
    • Snakes have a reach of 2 tiles;
    • Bears have a reach of 3 tiles;
  • You have 3 arrows to shoot at and remove creatures. It takes 1 arrow to kill a spider, 2 arrows to kill a snake and 3 arrows to kill a bear.
With all the above in mind it’s time to reach the other end of the canyon. Good luck adventurer!

Start by marking the reach of each animal to know which tiles to avoid.

There is no need to use any of your arrows on the bears.

Here is the way to safely cross the canyon:

Canyon puzzle solution

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