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We can tell you a 100 times how cool we think Wacky Wheels is. But maybe it’s easier to trust somebody who is less involved in organising 😋. So check out the comments by the teams that participated in one of our events.

Team Patatas Bravas
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❤ we had tons of fun! Thanks guys for those awesome puzzles, immersive plot and beautiful locations! We can imagine the difficulty to organise something like this, and everything went really smooth, perfect timings and really tight scores. See you for sure next year! (Or at least next year driving in the correct side) 🍟🍟
Team Knakworst
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[translated from Dutch] A big compliment to the organization! Had wonderful days, good storyline and beautiful locations! You have amply exceeded the (naturally high 😉) expectations!
Team Alice Attacks!
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[translated from Dutch] Thank you. Was very successful. A safe journey home. Until next time
Team The Cat Oracles
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Thank you too guys! We had a blast! Will there be a possibility to exchange more with the teams somewhere on the website? Maybe you could put pictures from the events for the participants to see, reminisce and comment or something like that? 🙂
Team Saft og Fjer
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[translated from Dutch] Thank you very much! It was super fun and very well arranged. See you next year!
Team Smart
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[translated from Dutch] Thank you all for the nice road trip !!! Was very cool. Very well done, organized for the first time. If you still get the group photo, you would like to forward it. Greetings
Team Crazy Frogs
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[translated from Dutch] Thanks again for the nice weekend. We enjoyed the puzzles, the environment and the people. Winning was a bonus!
Team Mad Men
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Thanks for the great weekend.
Team The Parvenues
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[translated from Dutch] What a wonderful weekend !!! Enjoyed like crazy !! June again :) Really enjoyed The Wheels !!!!


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group photo The Lost Cure Wacky Wheels edition

You made it epic

You made it epic

The first Wacky Wheels event is over.
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