Rules of the game

We don't like rules either

Please also check the Terms & Conditions.

A guy walks into an auto parts store and says to the counterman: “I’d like a set of wiper blades for my Yugo.” The counterman thinks for a minute and then replies: “OK – sounds like a fair trade to me.”

Well… do we have your attention? Good! Because we would like to quickly go through a few ‘rules of respectful behaviour’ with you. We know, this sounds boring already, but after all we are here to have a good time and to make sure that everybody has a good time. We’ll also tell you how to receive the answer if you’re stuck on a puzzle and how to make the most out of your Wacky Wheels experience, so make sure to read till the end!


Sportsmanship, fair play and the law

  1. Wacky Wheels is NOT about SPEED! In the morning, you will receive information that also includes the time and place of when and where you’re expected at the end of the day. The distance you have to travel is not so big that you have to race, so just take your time. The deadline to get to the camping is not a ticking time bomb, so if – for whatever reason – you won’t make it, just let us know by calling or a WhatsApp message. Of course, we do like it if you are on time at the camping to enjoy a nice evening with the other teams.
  2. For the puzzles, 19:00 is a strict deadline. Any answers that are sent after this deadline won’t count for the score anymore (more about sending answers in the next chapter). In line with the previous point: the challenges and puzzles NEVER require you to break any laws. You’re always responsible for your own driving. Don’t drive into pedestrian zones or the wrong side of a one-way road because you think a clue sent you there. They don’t. Clues can require you to park your car and walk a bit however, so if you’re stuck with your car in the middle of a muddy field, then it would probably have been a wiser decision to get out of the car when you were still on the tarmac.
  3. Just like in an escape room, you are not supposed to spoil puzzles, riddles and challenges to others. Of course, we want you to take as many pictures and make awesome videos and preferably share them on social media (while tagging us of course), but please don’t take pictures that might spoil the adventure for future participants. So, no photos of your answer sheet or that specific clue you just discovered to get to the next location. Besides, you probably blindly signed the terms & conditions anyway, which also prohibits you to spoil the challenges 😉.
  4. Even worse than spoiling a clue or puzzle is to disrupt them. We know that it’s a competition and that you want to score more points than your competitors, but we want you to do so by being smarter than others and better at solving the clues. Not by making it impossible for others to solve them. So please don’t remove, make invisible or in any other way alter the chance for other participants to find the same clues you did. There’s no need to take anything with you from a scene other than the things that are mentioned in the stories and puzzles.
  5. Be aware that with multiple teams, there is a chance you won’t be the only team searching for a specific location. So, at times, you may want to be careful when you spot your next clue or find a location. If you think others are following you, maybe just lure them into that random coffee place nearby and take your time to be alone again.
  6. We would really like to see new friendships arise from Wacky Wheels! This means that there’s no rule that prohibits you to work together with other teams. But be aware that you can’t share a 1st place (we will make sure) and that in the end, you want to get more points than your opponents, not the same amount.
  7. Cheating or breaking the rules, in whichever way, will result in immediate disqualification of the whole team.

Sending answers and scoring points

When you find an answer, it is time to send it in and claim your point(s). At the registration on the first day, you can choose a team leader who will be added to a whatsapp group with the organisation. Send your answer to this group, starting with the location number or question/task it is meant for. So, an answer can look like this:

“Location 7: the Eiffel Tower in Paris”

The same goes for the photos you have to send in.


Only answers received by WhatsApp are valid and you only have one chance to send in the correct one. Within 15 minutes you will receive a reply whether your answer was correct or not. If it’s correct, the scoreboard will be updated with your newly acquired point(s). If it’s incorrect, then unfortunately no points for you and you won’t get another try. So when sending an answer, make  sure all of your team mates agree! When you have to send a photo of a specific location, it only counts for the points if ALL team members are on the photo and the location is clearly visible. So: no splitting up of your team to different locations and also don’t send a picture that only shows a few bricks. We need to be able to see that you’re at the right place.

If you disagree with a decision from the organisation, please come to us in the evening at the camping. If we made a mistake, you will still get your point(s). At midnight, the day’s points are permanent, so the next day you can’t appeal to a decision anymore.

Finding answers and using the sealed envelopes

It can happen to the best of us: you’re stuck on a puzzle and simply don’t see how to solve it. If this happens to your team, know the following things:

  1. At the start of each day, you already receive the end location of that day. So even when you have a really bad day and can’t find any clue, you still know where to be at the end of the day. This also means that when you’ve been driving for hours in the opposite direction of the final destination, you’re probably not on the right track.
  2. In most cases, not solving a puzzle or finding a clue doesn’t mean you can’t continue the challenge. If you can’t figure out a certain location, you may still be able to find the next location. However, you can also decide to open the sealed answer envelope of the corresponding location or puzzle. If you open this envelope, you will find the exact answer, so not just a hint. You can still send in this answer to receive a point for it, but at the end of the day you will have to hand over all your answer envelopes. An envelope with a broken seal means that the point for that answer is revoked again. Keep in mind that you score a point not only for sending the right answer, but also for sending a photo of your team at a location. This means that even when you open an envelope, it’s still worth it to visit the place. So opening an envelope might be a better decision than skipping a location altogether.
  3. The seal on the answer envelope is fragile and it is your responsibility to make sure it doesn’t break by accident. In the morning, you’ll receive a daily (big) envelope and several small answer envelopes with a seal. A broken seal always results in a revoked point, even if you didn’t break the seal yourself. So store the answer envelopes with care! Of course, if an envelope is opened in any other way than breaking the seal, it also results in a point being revoked 😉.
  4. At the start of each day, you receive a summary of the locations and answers that were meant to be found during the previous day. So even if you didn’t find a clue or location, you still get them the next morning. This way, every team starts the day on equal footing.

At the camping

On all campsites, Wacky Wheels has its own designated field. Please go to the reception first and say that you’re participating in Wacky Wheels. They will tell you where to find us and the payment is to be done directly to the campsite. We also put up some Wacky Wheels signs to ‘mark our territory’…

Keep in mind that we’re not the only guests on the camping. Please be respectful to other guests and keep the noise down after 10pm.

Because it’s not high season, a reception may close early or it may not be possible to access the camping by car anymore. If that’s the case, please contact (or walk to) the organisation.

Fun enhancing ‘rules’

Yes, yes, we know, this sounds contradicting. Hence the apostrophes 😉 . What we want to say, is that our ultimate aim is to give you all a great experience. It’s a competition, but not the Olympics (not yet at least). So….:

  1. There is not one correct route. The clues and puzzles will lead you to specific locations and even though the places are chosen so that you can take great roads to get there, eventually it is up to you to choose your preferred route. Do you like driving on the highway and taking a two hour lunch? Be our guest. Prefer the more scenic routes and bring your own sandwiches to-go? Perfectly fine with us! You may want to consider turning off ‘highways’ in your navigation!
  2. Along the route, you will pass a lot of interesting places. Not everything is part of a challenge, so we also encourage you to check your maps and make the most of your road trip! 
  3. During the day, you’ll be mostly hanging out with your teammates. In the evening, there’s plenty of opportunity to meet your competitors and share a drink with them. Also, if you’re not staying on the campsite, feel free to still join for some drinks and chats.

That’s it! You’re ready to go! Good luck and don’t forget to send your most awesome pictures to info@wackywheels.nl and tag us on social media @wackywheelsmysterygames

One more to finish:

“How do you double the value of a Yugo?”

“Fill it with gas.”