The Lost Cure

1. Crazy frogs 34
2. Mad Men 32.2
3. The Cat Oracles 32.1
4. Padron 32
5. Patatas Bravas 31.5
6. Håreks Henchmen 30.5
7. Team Amigos 30
8. Saft og Fjer 28.5
8. Team Spirit 28.5
8. The Parvenues 28.5
11. Marietje 28
11. Wackies from the North 28
13. Alice attacks 27.5
14. Gipsy tribe 27
14. Team Schweinhorn 27
16. Overstekend wild 25
17. Knakworst 23.5
18. Team Smart 22
19. Chechil 21
Please note that all answers must be in today before

* when teams are level on points, a tiebreaker question will decide the winner

Alice attacks


Crazy frogs

Gipsy tribe

Håreks Henchmen


Mad Men


Overstekend wild


Patatas Bravas

Saft og Fjer

Team Amigos

Team Schweinhorn

Team Smart

Team Spirit

The Cat Oracles

The Parvenues

Wackies from the North

Rules of the game

Though we don’t like rules, we did create a few to keep the event as fun and fair as possible for all participants. Please make sure to read them.

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