Road trips: Furka Pass, Switzerland

Located in the snowy Alps at the elevation of 2 431m, The Furka Pass is one of the world’s most iconic and exciting drives you should definitely drive at least once in your lifetime! The road encompasses twisty hairpin bends, high elevation and steep grades. All of that accompanied by stunning views!

The pass links the Ursern valley in the canton of Uri with the municipality of Goms in the canton Valais. It’s an amazing drive with breathtaking scenery and challenging turns. The pass will also take you up close the Rhone Glacier, source of the Rhone river. If you park next to the Hotel Belvedere, close to the summit, and take a short walk to the Ice Grotto you can take the 100m tunnel through the glacier and admire it up close.

In 1964 The Furka Pass earned its place in the cinema history thanks to the James Bond movie ‘Goldfinger’. The pass was immortalised by the car chase between the Aston Martin DB5 and Ford Mustang, filmed in front of the Rhone Glacier.

Since a picture is worth more than a thousand words you can check out the Top Gear video of Rory Reid’s drive through Furka Pass in an Aston Martin Rapide S.

  • Length: 31km
  • Duration: 39min
  • Hairpin bends: 12
  • Tip: Open from May to November – check before you travel and check the weather beforehand if you want to enjoy the view and not drive in the mist
  • More info: myswitzerland.com

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