VR room: Safe Night

Preparations for day 1? Check!


Preparations for day 2? Check!


Preparations for day 3? Check!



Still lots to do before the start of “The Lost Cure” but we felt we deserved a break! And a break it was.


We cycled in a sunny Amsterdam but that friendly world got completely transformed into an extreme zombie attack. And not only zombies. There were more enemies and for each you had to decide whether to fight or flight. And believe me: you need to do both!


After entering the door we weren’t in Amsterdam anymore. We were in a fenced dark area and being attacked from all sides. We were in a Virtual Reality world. And it was a full body VR experience meaning you can see a virtual version of you and your friends which corresponds with your actual movements. You can walk around, run even, which you will even do.


It’s so hard to write more without giving spoilers. We can only tell you we came out completely exhilarated. And sweaty! We had done VR rooms before but this one really brings it to the next level, hardly realising it’s not real.


Stepping outside into sunny Amsterdam afterwards was the second weird transformation as the people out there seemed to just carry on with their lives not aware that we had just saved the world.


We loved it. If you happen to be in Amsterdam and want something different than an escape room, give it a try at MyEscapeClub.

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