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Find out more about the hidden mysteries of your favorite city by turning it into a fun and challenging escape game.

City Mystery Games

With the Wacky Wheels City Mystery Games, you and your team are recruited by the Guild of Tiny Curiosities. All over the city, strange and mysterious things are happening, and the Guild needs you to investigate them. Climb up the ranks of the Guild and discover fun, hidden facts about your favorite city while solving escape-room like puzzles.

How it works


Order the game

You receive an email confirmation with the game link, which is all you need to play the game.

Hit the city

Grab your phone and you’re good to go. Make sure to have a fully charged battery as you need your phone to navigate.

magnifying glass

Play the game

Find the locations and solve the puzzles. Take your time and move at your own pace. You can pause and continue anytime.

Why you shouldn't miss out


Solve puzzles

Challenge yourself with a great variety of puzzles. It’s just like in an escape room, only outdoors.


Explore the city

Puzzle your way through the city. Discover new places and learn cool stories about them.


Become a champ

After submitting your score you can compare yourself with other people around the globe. Can you hit the top-10?

Tiny Curiosities

After finding a mission location and solving one or more puzzles, you get to know some inside information about the tiny curiosity you just discovered. You will be surprised about the things that are in front of everyone’s eyes, but rarely noticed!

The things you discover are not necessarily the ‘top places to visit’ according to your guidebook. Those you can surely find on your own. The Tiny Curiosities are only for the people with sharp minds and eyes. This makes the game suitable for both the off-the-beaten-track visitor as well as for locals who want to discover fun little secrets in their own city.

Discover Tiny

Play whenever you want

With just a handful of clues and your smartphone, you can choose to go on a mission whenever you want. The 9 missions can be played in any order, just choose your next goal on the interactive mission map. There is no time limit, and you can even spread out the missions over multiple days.

How to play?

After purchasing your City Mystery Game, you gain instant access to the online game and your personal scorecard. You get introduced as a new recruit to the Guild of Tiny Curiosities and can choose your first mission from the interactive mission map.

For some missions, an exact location is given to which you can navigate using your phone, before solving a puzzle at the location. For other missions, you need to find the exact location first, based on the clues you are given. You submit your answers online on the secure server of the Guild and see the result directly on your personal scorecard. By solving the puzzles and finding the tiny curiosities, you discover facts about the city you probably didn’t know yet. If you are stuck, you can request a hint to keep you going. No need to solve everything in one go, you can take a break any time you want. For example for a coffee, lunch or beer break. You can even do just one or a few missions and do the rest another day. After completing all missions, you will unlock one final mission which you can only solve with the input of each previous mission. At the end, you can compare your score with others on the global or country scoreboard. Can you make it to the top 10 of your country?


On average, players of this game rate it with an 8.6 out of 10.

“Very nice city game in Amsterdam. The puzzles are challenging and original and also fit perfectly with the city of Amsterdam. It all works fine on the phone and takes you to the most beautiful and characteristic parts of the city.” - Michaël de Roos
[translated from Dutch] “The city game was super fun! It was very challenging to sort out and unravel all the puzzles and mysteries. And you also see all the nice places in Amsterdam!” -Sanne-Marije
“Great game!!! We played it with the 2 of us and we had a lot of fun! ” - Patty de Gruiter
“We had a great time doing the city walk in Amsterdam! The puzzles are challenging enough and encourage you to look at your surroundings to find the answers. Even though we are from Amsterdam, this was a great way to walk around the city and learn about some interesting facts!” - Dylan de Haas
“Recommended! You get to know the city and all its curiosities in a fun and playful way. It’s challenging and fun to play with a group.” -Lotte
[Translated from Dutch] “A super fun walk along the highlights of Amsterdam! With missions and puzzles you walk through the center, giving you a different perspective, so that I have discovered new things even after living years in Amsterdam! Highly recommended!” -Sanne
[Translated from Dutch[ “The city game was super fun! It was very challenging to sort out and unravel all the puzzles and mysteries. And you also see all the nice places in Amsterdam!” -Sanne-Marije

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