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Escape Road Trips
Escape Road Trips
Probably the largest escape room in the world! A 3-day adventure full of puzzles and fun.


Wacky Wheels

Wacky Wheels Mystery Games provides a great variety of escape games, ranging from at-home games to 3-day road trip events. The best way to get introduced to the Wacky Mystery Games is by trying out our magazine-sized booklets which is available as a quarterly subscription, as well as stand-alone editions. Each game delves into a mysterious story that you gradually unravel by solving puzzles. And for the true adventurers, there's the ultimate road trip escape, which has you immersed in a mystery for three days while solving puzzles, driving amazing roads and meeting lots of like-minded people.

Escape Road Trips

The Wacky Wheels escape road trip is the ultimate escape game challenge. Embark on a 3-day adventure and immerse yourself in a mysterious story, while solving puzzles, driving amazing roads and meeting lots of like-minded people. The trail leads you through secret locations, hidden gems, and fantastic sceneries. And on top of that, for those who like a little competition, you can score points for each puzzle solved or location discovered. On the last day, the team with the most points is the winner and goes home with the title 'Wacky Wheels Master'!

In a Wacky Wheels road trip, it doesn't matter what you drive: a piece of junk ready for the junkyard, your lease car, a camper van, motorcycle or that carefully maintained old-timer from dad. In the end, it's all about the adventure!

Escape Games

In our Escape Games, you – alone or with friends – immerse yourself into a narrative full of secrets. You have to puzzle your way through the story to unravel it, just like in an escape room. In the end, you make some unexpected discoveries!
How does it work? You buy and download the pdf of your favourite Mystery Game and start reading the exciting story. You can print it (next to the full-colour version you also get a printer-friendly version), but you can also perfectly well play it directly from your phone or computer. By solving escape room like challenges, you will unravel the story and hopefully find out what really happened. You give your answers online and see the result directly on your personal scorecard. And if you are stuck, you can request a hint to keep you going. No need to solve everything in one go, you can take a break any time you want, for example just do one puzzle each evening. After unraveling the mystery you can compare your score with others. Can you make it to the top-10 of your country?

City Games

Discover hidden spots and interesting facts about the city while solving puzzles!
During our self guided City Mystery Games you'll get to explore the city in an alternative way. At various spots you'll find missions waiting for you to solve them and uncover their history. There's no app or downloads required and all you need to be able to play, are your wits and a phone. You can play it alone or in groups of up to 4 people, that compete with each other. Tourists, expats and locals will all discover things they didn't yet know. It's a great way to explore the city you're visiting or you already live in and want to see in a unique way!
Currently the city game is available in Amsterdam (in English and Dutch).

Company Events

The Escape Games and City Games can be used for team events both virtually and in real life.
It's a great way for a fun and engaging time when organizing a team building activity for a company, a special celebration like a birthday, bachelor/hen party, or a get-together with friends or family. Several Escape Games are available virtually and can be played via any video sharing program. For an outdoor adventure, the City Games are a fun way to explore the city while solving puzzles. The team games can be played in teams of up to 4 people per team. A separate scoreboard is provided, where all the competing teams see each other's progress and scores.
All the games can be also purchased as gift vouchers.

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