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Mystery Games

Escape Roadtrips

Do you also like other rallies such as Carbage Run or The Barrel Challenge? Wacky Wheels adds an extra challenge: you have to discover the route yourself by solving escape-room-like puzzles and finding clues. Your team isn’t only challenged to discover where you are going, you are in competition with many other teams! For every puzzle solved and clue found, you get points and a place on the rankings, which on the last day results in a winner who goes home with the title “Wacky Wheels master”.
We don’t care what you drive. A barrel filled with stickers is just as welcome as your lease car, camper van, motorcycle or that carefully maintained old-timer from dad.

Escape Games

In our Escape Games, you – alone or with friends – immerse yourself into a narrative full of secrets. You have to puzzle your way through the story to unravel it, just like in an escape room. In the end, you make some unexpected discoveries!
How does it work? You buy and download the pdf of your favourite Mystery Game and start reading the exciting story. You can print it (next to the full-colour version you also get a printer-friendly version), but you can also perfectly well play it directly from your phone or computer. By solving escape room like challenges, you will unravel the story and hopefully find out what really happened. You give your answers online and see the result directly on your personal scorecard. And if you are stuck, you can request a hint to keep you going. No need to solve everything in one go, you can take a break any time you want, for example just do one puzzle each evening. After unraveling the mystery you can compare your score with others. Can you make it to the top-10 of your country?

City Games

We are not there yet, but stay tuned to see which city is going to be the first in the world to get a Mystery City Game, which we aim to roll out all over the world!

Company Events

We offer companies a helping hand in how they can bring their employees (virtually) together. Choose from our gift vouchers for all your employees, a department or just a project team. The gift voucher can be styled with your company logo and gives access to one of our Escape Games. To be played alone, with family, with friends and/or with colleagues. We also offer fully hosted events where a team of 50-500 people can play the Escape Game in changing groups of 4 persons, alternated with sessions with the entire group. Interested? Just send us an e-mail.

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