Wacky Wheels Road trip

In case corona forces us to cancel the event, we will reimburse all registration fees.
9-12 June 2022
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Drive your own car with friends on the coolest and curviest roads through the hills of Europe, starting in the Netherlands or the UK and ending at an unknown, mysterious location.


Do you love escape rooms? We’ve made Europe your escape room! Solve the puzzles to uncover your route to the destination and beat the other teams on points!


For three days you’ll be submerged in a compelling storyline where you’ll need to discover and combine clues which lead you to the final plot. Do you think you are up for this quest?

Escape room on wheels

Wacky Wheels is the only organised road trip which challenges you and your friends to the maximum. The puzzles on the route are designed to push your brains to the limit, Google alone will not suffice! Unlike traditional escape rooms Wacky Wheels is not confined to a single room, Europe is the playing field!

Another unique aspect is that we have introduced competition into the equation. You and your friends must compete with other teams for the ultimate prize and honour. Completed puzzles will be rewarded with points; merely being first to finish is not the key to success. If a puzzle leaves you stumped, don’t worry, previous solutions will not be essential for most puzzles! Questions? Read further below, check our FAQ or send us a note!

How it works

sign up

Sign up

Gather a team between 2 – 4 people, come up with a cool team name, choose the edition and sign up.

Hit the road

Hit the road

Start your engines and get ready for a 3-day road trip. On day 1 at starting location you receive the first clues to get on your way.

Play the game

Play the game

Find your way by solving puzzles and explore new places. Submit your answers online and compare your results with the other teams.

Why you shouldn't miss out

drive great routes

Drive great routes

Drive through scenic landscapes and discover great places.

Solve Puzzles

Solve puzzles

Challenge yourself with a great variety of puzzles. It’s just like in an escape room, only outdoors.

Unravel the mystery

Unravel the mystery

Puzzle your way to the end and find out the truth behind the mysterious story.

Meet new People

Meet new people

Wacky Wheels is also about socialising with other teams. In the evenings there’s a BBQ, board games night and a party.


The puzzles will pose a tough challenge for any one person, so make sure to assemble an accomplished team!

Become a champion

Become a champ

Compete against the best brains across the continent to emerge as champions of Europe!

Drive, think
eat, repeat

Discover the route

Our adventure starts in Netherlands or the UK (see editions for exact location). From there the puzzles will guide your team. You have the freedom to determine your own route while trying to find the locations. Even if you struggle with some puzzles, you’re guaranteed an awesome roadtrip through epic sceneries.

If you succeed in solving the puzzles and challenges, your team is gonna see some wonderful places! We will reveal the end locations during each day so, no matter via which route, we do end up all in the same place. Already convinced? Let’s sign up!

Where to sleep?

Revealing the destination at the start of each day means that there are two options for accommodation: either you find something yourself (e.g. via Airbnb or booking.com) or you indicate during sign-up that you stay with us on the campsite.

Obviously, we hope you will pick the latter, but if you prefer to find your own accommodation, that is fine as well! If you indicate that you wish to stay on the campsite, it means that we will reserve a spot for you. Be aware that this is only a reservation and not included in the registration fee. When you reach the camp site, you still have to go to the reception desk and inform them that you’re part of Wacky Wheels. You pay the cost of one night’s stay directly to the camping. Let’s sign up!

Three days to solve the quest!

The evenings & party

The evenings we reserve for optional socialising. After pitching your tent or parking your camper van, team up with your competitors and see how well they did. One evening there will be a BBQ, the other an old school board game night or just pick your own badminton or pétanque set.

Wacky Wheels concludes in the weekend, so after three days solving puzzles and challenges what could be better than the chance to unwind, see the winners get announced and party to the end. It’s a great way to meet lots of likeminded people. We should have you now, right? Just sign up to get in!

Become a winner

Wacky Wheels is all about the mental challenges and the road trip. Speed is never important. Your team accumulates points with every puzzle you solve or location you find. Once the three days of puzzles are complete, the winner goes home with unlimited bragging rights and some vouchers for free Mystery Games.

During the event we’ll keep a live score board up to date so you continuously know your intermediate ranking. When teams are level on points, a tiebreaker question will decide the winner. And we announce the champ Wacky Wheelers at the party. Already convinced? Let’s sign up!

Rewind & socialise
in the evenings!

The Costs

Wacky Wheels provides you with four fun-packed days with friends and other likeminded people for a very reasonable price!

  • The base price for a team is € 95,-
  • The price for each team member is € 50,-

A team consists of two to four people. Do you have more than four? Sign up with multiple teams.

Included in the price are puzzles for the three days, a cool road trip through Europe, the chance to compete with other teams for overall victory, and a drink at the party at journey’s end. Other costs, such as getting to the starting location, fuel, food, insurance and overnight stays are not included in the price. Please note you will need to have an internet bundle on your phone (a EU bundle for editions starting in mainland Europe and a UK bundle for editions starting in UK). Still having questions? Check our FAQ or send us a note! Otherwise, just sign up!


Wacky Wheels organises two editions per year:

Team Patatas Bravas
Read More
❤ we had tons of fun! Thanks guys for those awesome puzzles, immersive plot and beautiful locations! We can imagine the difficulty to organise something like this, and everything went really smooth, perfect timings and really tight scores. See you for sure next year! (Or at least next year driving in the correct side) 🍟🍟
Team Knakworst
Read More
[translated from Dutch] A big compliment to the organization! Had wonderful days, good storyline and beautiful locations! You have amply exceeded the (naturally high 😉) expectations!
Team Alice Attacks!
Read More
[translated from Dutch] Thank you. Was very successful. A safe journey home. Until next time
Team The Cat Oracles
Read More
Thank you too guys! We had a blast! Will there be a possibility to exchange more with the teams somewhere on the website? Maybe you could put pictures from the events for the participants to see, reminisce and comment or something like that? 🙂
Team Saft og Fjer
Read More
[translated from Dutch] Thank you very much! It was super fun and very well arranged. See you next year!
Team Smart
Read More
[translated from Dutch] Thank you all for the nice road trip !!! Was very cool. Very well done, organized for the first time. If you still get the group photo, you would like to forward it. Greetings
Team Crazy Frogs
Read More
[translated from Dutch] Thanks again for the nice weekend. We enjoyed the puzzles, the environment and the people. Winning was a bonus!
Team Mad Men
Read More
Thanks for the great weekend.
Team The Parvenues
Read More
[translated from Dutch] What a wonderful weekend !!! Enjoyed like crazy !! June again :) Really enjoyed The Wheels !!!!

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